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Do you love puppies but just can’t have one? Have you ever wanted to see live footage of some available puppies? Well now you can! Maybe even watch with your pets. Help satisfy your puppy fever. We are now offering live stream puppy playdates. View your favorite puppies live. What are you waiting for? Book your livestream playdate today. 


Currently all live stream appointments will take place on the weekends. Our high school volunteers will livestream the 3 puppies of your choice. If for some reason one of the puppies you selected gets adopted before your appointment we will reach out to you via your email address so you can add a different puppy. If we don’t hear back from you, we will select a puppy replacement for you. 

Live Stream Puppy Playdate


Only 3 puppies are allowed for playdates


Live stream appointments are only 15 minutes long and the fee is $25

Please note that all live stream appointments must be scheduled. That gives our drivers time to pick up your puppy.

Which 3 puppies are you live streaming with?
Our live stream camera will shut itself off after 15 minutes without warning. Do you understand?

Thanks for submitting!

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